first day with my Gi

Sunday, January 30, 2011

who you calling Shrimp!

Gary taught a kids class this week, which was pretty funny. He kept 35 wild kids engaged and on task. They're so little, it's so cute. I showed the technique with him, and I helped in training... since i'm the size of some of these 12-year old girls, anyway.

Since I started training BJJ, I liked the idea of mentoring young women to feel more confident and less vulnerable, both physically and emotionally. I truly believe that they go together. In a world that is still made for men, but says superficially that women are equal, I think it is even more important for women to know that being trivialized, pushed aside or taken advantage of is not okay.

We showed the shrimp escape (mount to guard), and one kid asked if it works if the person is heavier than you, so I had Gary get on mount, and I did the technique. They thought it was neat. What I didn't say, but some figured out during rolling, is just how difficult it is when the heavier person on top isn't giving you space for the escape. haha. just like any technique, there are 600 ways for it not to work. I suppose that this is how I incorporate failure into my life.