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Monday, July 13, 2015

The devil is in the detail

Going to three classes in a week about half guard sweeps was fantastic.  Sure, it's easy to zone out for a second, but besides practice, the brain can build on existing knowledge and notice more of the detail.  That's one thing I loved about Bikram Yoga.  The postures and sequence are exactly the same every time, so every class brings new opportunities to do something just the tiniest bit differently and absorb new tips and tricks a little bit at a time. 

In Jiu-Jitsu, one little detail can be the difference of something working, especially for us smaller practitioners.  Particularly learning from different instructors with different body types and practiced 'games'  I pick up things to try for myself.  I like when instructors can teach by the book and also insert some wisdom from practice.  Particularly with the complication of bjj being fluid with partners and transitions, it helps to use the wisdom of the room as well.  The coach's uki was asked about how he would explain using the Wizzer for a single leg defense, and I found some insight from the varied perspective.  He ended up talking about using the arm to create space first instead of just wrapping the leg right away, and also about changing angles to have a better chance to pull one's leg from between the other person's legs, and around to the outside.  I know for me, if my leg was already being controlled, I would be done, so squaring up for a second just creates a different type of movement and chance to free my leg and continue. 

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