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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Like Riding a Bike

years have passed.  I married and divorced the one who got me on the mat in the first place.  It's been quite a journey.  I stand today, more proud and determined than ever.  Sorry blog for not writing to you when I got my blue belt.  I did.  And now, after months, the emotional scars have become my badges of courage, and I had my first class back at the bjjym (where my ex-husband is a muy thai instructor).  I was proud to wear my blue belt.  It means more to me now, coming back, and realizing just how important it is to be a 100lb woman with a renewed motivation and conviction to be a role model.  As myself.  Not as a fighter's wife.  Determined to persist at the art I've grown to claim my own - as 'one of the hardest thing's I've ever done.'  I'm proving how strong I am each day through a big life transition, and now jiu-jitsu suddenly seems more about fun and just staying in the game than about proving something to myself.  In my months off of the mat, I discovered rock climbing, and that was a similar challenge that helped me grow and face fear head on.  I'll continue that, and appreciate the inspiration I've gained. 

... back on the mat tonight.  new photo to come soon. 

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  1. Always good to see a blog rise from the dead. Thanks for the update and congrats on the blue! :)