first day with my Gi

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Like Kindergarten...

The goal:  "Keep your hands to yourself."  I know this, and yet, I've been getting arm barred like crazy.  Yes, sometimes upper belts catch my arm where it shouldn't be, but there are so many times when I am conscientious of keeping my arms in, and they get yanked and pulled at.  I fight like hell the whole way, but usually the end result is that they get my arm enough where I'll just tap.  Arm bars are also not usually a move that I will see or attempt.  I know training is the perfect time to try it, but I don't usually have enough control to make the move work for me.  Generally, a risky move.  I'm much more comfortable with triangles and chokes.  I will be more watchful of doing and avoiding the arm bar positioning.  Once they can even reach my arm, it's almost too late in most cases. 

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